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Our History

Tom Brannon founder of T.A. Brannon SteelTom Brannon started T.A. BRANNON STEEL in 1968 with partner George Fuller and six employees.

“My dad was in steel all his life," recalls Al Brannon, Chairman of the privately-held company. "He left a job, sold his house and moved the family into an apartment so he could set up a 2,000 square foot shop in Etobicoke in 1968 providing oxy-fuel cutting services.”

Al was in Grade 13 at the time and helped out working nights. He planned to attend Waterloo University but instead joined the company full-time and took night courses to complete his education.

A few years later, BRANNON STEEL expanded once again and added structural rolling to its services. By 1972, Tom Brannon had bought out his partner and pursued further expansion, relocating the company to Tilbury Court in Brampton in 1973 and adding plate rolling to its growing list of services.

Al Brannon the son of Tom Brannon owner of T.A. Brannon Steel“The first year we lost money,” says Al, “which was great motivation to succeed.” And succeed they did, expanding further in 1979. By 1980, Al had been appointed President and the company had built a second plant in Cambridge, adding another 12,000 square feet of production.

Tom Brannon passed away in 1988, but the company bearing his name continues his vision.