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Since 1968, BRANNON STEEL has been an industry leader supplying quality carbon steel parts to OEMs and custom fabricators throughout Canada and the United States.

We've earned a strong reputation because we understand the value of long-term relationships. Our passion for quality, innovation and customer service allows us to work with some of the best-known manufacturers of off-road construction, railroad, agricultural and materials handling equipment in the world.

BRANNON STEEL's diverse and flexible processes allow us to respond to customer needs on a level many believe is unique. We're constantly pursuing new ideas, methods and technologies to maintain our position as an industry leader.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is that our employees take pride in their work and are dedicated to the values that have made BRANNON STEEL successful. We foster a collaborative approach that recognizes their impressive knowledge and experience and promotes new thinking and continuous learning.

Find out about BRANNON STEEL and get us working for you.

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